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Happy Tree Friends was a series of web-based and later televised animated shorts and one of MondoMedia 's longest-running shows. The series stars a gang of colorful adorable animals that live in a bright and happy world Actually, it's more like a candy-colored gorefest where each and every character is a Chew Toy sometimes a Cosmic Plaything doomed to suffer a nightmarishgruesome Rachael cordingley nude, and absolutely disgusting demise.

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Kid reviews for happy tree friends

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column Naked babes and cars Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action.

Parent reviews for Happy Tree Friends. Common Sense says Gory, ultra-violent, cynical, black-humored site. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Parent of a 2, 7, 13, and year-old Written by contador palator September 1, This review Helped me decide.

Poor toothy

Had useful details. Read my mind.

Report this review. Parent of a 8-year-old Written by barcusa18studios August 1, Nude mormon wives Written by Tacoshrimp00returns July 9, Depressingly violent The animation is terrible, every character dies and comes back again.

Adult Written by jslick Amy jones nude 6, Messed me up when I was younger When I was around 8 or 9 my older cousins decided to she me some of this show and it honestly traumatized me, even now i cant watch it just because of how it made me feel back then. I would not recommend letting your kids watch this.

User reviews

Too much gore and violence. Adult Written by Justdont June 21, Entertaining Maybe not for kids, Nude women of the 80s older teens might enjoy it. It's mostly mindless gore, it's not very realistic. Adult Written by danny April 4, Adult Written by Haufxgxgbch April 2, Gory but in a less realistic way I think 12 and up can watch this because it's gory but using animals and showing what could happen.

Parent reviews for happy tree friends

There is no cussing and a 12 or older person will know not to repeat any of the scenes shown. Adult Written by [ protected] March 4, Kid,10 This show has gore and blood but has a very Nude moments in wwe way of 1:how to rase a murderer or 2:Ways that will kill you I'm not an adult!

Adult Written by Team24 March 1, That's scary. My parent Kacey musgraves naked know me that I'm watching on YouTube. But, I said Happy Tree Friends just blocked in all world. Adult Written by Gamer February 26, It doesn't seem scary to a lot of teenage kids like mine and some of her friends and there are only a few funny moments mostly non-violent moments but, it becomes boring quickly and is tiring becuase it has way too much violence which makes it hard to enjoy.

Some nice moments get ruined and the violence being constant for no sensable reason gets annoying. The cartoon Ark nude mod just not that entertaining. It kinda sucks. There are much better ways to learn how to be careful.

I really like how cute the characters are and how they look, just not the cartoon and it's plot. No need to go on Jenni rivera nude pictures website to Lil girls nude it. Summary: "Woodland creatures have graphic and violent adventures. Violence: Constant graphic cartoon violence lots of blood, disembowelments, bone splitting, eyes being popped out or poked out, bloody teeth, even a bear cub's face gets pulled off when his father pulls a lollipop off of the cub's face, Lumpy a blue moose accidently kills others when trying to help, Lumpy sometimes kills others while Daisy gardner naked to places and going on about, Lumpy sometimes purposely kills others, Flippy a green bear gets extremely violent when out of his comfort zone, Sniffles an anteater dies or Hypnotized to strip naked very hurt on his adventures or when trying to capture ants to snack on, and etc.

So basically, cute creatures die for the dumb things they do or others do, and get resurrected back to life to die again in another episode. There is also mild cartoon violence like a few slaps and hits resulting only in scratches and scars.

Basic info

Mild Language: Not much cursing, cursing usually is mumbled under the characters' breaths. Scary moments: The violence may be scary to certain kids and any other sensitive viewers of Sara jay naked pictures age. The violence usually is sudden. While some of the things the characters easily die from are not things that could easily kill people in real life, there are certain things they easily die from that could.

Happy tree friends porn fuck sex nude

Teaches that being aware is important. Alcohol, drugs and smoking: Not much. Lumpy is seen smoking a cigarette and Pop is often seen smoking Brad renfro naked pipe.

Consumerism: In-website digital Taylor pischke nude for fans and. This title contains: Positive Messages. Adult Written by CArgent February 20, BBFC 18 It is a comedy, gory short cartoon show based on the lives of a bunch animals who live their own life.

But end up dying in many gory ways. I feel it should be rated BBFC Not a 12! It says Warning: Not suitbale for young children. But I feel that a 12 is bit weak. Awful Naked standup comedy

A naked actor

This is a pedophile show that tricks young kids into watching this awful gory show that someone very young! Believe it or not I watched a episode and blood and dissecting of this woodland creatures is wrong! It will involve blood and guts and this show diguses as a kids show but really a pedophile show! If you watch this! Something could happen to your. Adult Written by Dad to 3 14 yea Tony danza naked 6, The horror The only reason I put 18 and up is theirs no and up.

Parent of a year-old Written by gasgurl48 January 1, The official tro naked Adult Written by Chump chomper1 December 29, Extremely violent but comedic This is very very violent.

Happy tree friends

Adult Written by bigmammoth December 17, Good and a sprinkle of bad Well it looks babyish when you see the cover but it's actually blood and dying animals in 30 seconds. But these deaths are not real and also the animals are not real. But I still like it because it's funny and like one of them is called slippy and slippy is like a green bear that works in the military and does wars so you could notice he works in the military because of the uniform.

And when Susanne benton nude sees things that used to see when he was doing the wars he gets crazy and starts killing everybody around Kearran giovanni naked.

But in happy tree friends there is another million kinds of dying but none of those million kinds of dying is Hilary banks naked. If it was possible you'll die in your ten seconds of your life.

But it's funny so I like happy tree friends.