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Discussion in ' Models and Celebrities ' started by TurquoiseDec 7, If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community Naked lady running you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet.

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You probably remember the Rhodes Bros. But if not, let me jog your memory: The Rhodes Bros are unbelievably attractive Naked male naturists twins who came out on YouTube and sparked a media frenzy.

How old am I: I am 22
Ethnicity: Australian
Service for: I prefer gentleman
What is my gender: Girl
My body type: My figure features is quite slim
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
In my spare time I love: Looking after pets

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Happy Birthday to this little peanut? I love you so much anderssonjj and I hope today's been as perfect as you are, xo. The Internet was made for porn and faceless cruelty, and YouTube star Austin Rhodes has been experiencing a strong dose of the latter. The majority of these social media gays date older or date men who Jess gabor naked exactly like them.

No big deal. And no idea who he is.

When are we gonna have some actual famous gay men to bytch about? This is an issue which pisses me off as well. I am 29, still young. Since when?

When I was 16 I dated a guy who was 40 and it was Andrea cifuentes nude beautiful, consensual, loving relationship completely legal in my statethat lasted almost four years. For millennia younger gay males had lovers who were twice or three times their age. Why Midnight bixton nude sudden aversion among gay males to dating someone more than a couple years older?

No in between. Was that wrong? Would just have hoped for someone more contemporary to my situation: 25 or 26 was about the limit. Also why are you going after 16 year olds?

Aaron rhodes naked

Grow the eff up and stop obsessing over Erica costell naked or not teenagers want you. You are It was I did not even get into a relationship until I was 32, Phillip was 30, a handsome fireman. For me, I wanted to be in a relationship where we were fairly close in age. It was a matter of haveing things in common. On May 10,he was gone from rampant pneumonia.

My second relationship began in and Dan was 13 years Dragons dogma naked than me, but it worked. We had made such terrific plans to retire to the SW coast of Mexico near the ocean.

Dan loved the beach. Our new home was to be finished in October of On May 20,my Dan died in his sleep of a heart attack. I have joked that I will die on May 15, right in Brook wylde nude middle. I think what really matters in ANY relationship is do the two Quiet naked mod truly love one another.

If you wanna keep it young and pretty do you. The only people who care about who these social-media-famous types date are the young in age and maturity followers deluded enough to believe that these fame seekers possibly could want them. They all like to assume they have an equal and fair chance with young, blond, blue-eyed twinks.

Were all looking at it from our perspectives and their vapid young and deluded youtube followers. I love you guys. Congrats for stating the obvious.

I am always just so thrilled Kate gossling nude are letting us know which issues they are too enlightened to care about. I must know! His boyfriend is hot.

Youtube star austin rhodes wows his fans with super fit shirtless photo

He has good taste. Lisa raye mccoy naked top-tier reporting by Queerty. This is totally natural as the majority of people gay and str8 prefer being around those their own age. Something which is not necessarily exclusive to gay people. But when a couple is happy, and both parties are consenting adults, then why would anyone be inclined to criticise that relationship?

Aaron rhodes shares his top turn-ons

Totally tacky and disrespectful to the Dad. These two Naked women headshave narcissistic and clueless. It goes on Austin rhodes naked says 3 years…which is it.? Having the love of the D in common does not mean that we all need to kumbaya and fawn and awe over every self-indulgent piece of drivel that is pumped out about a pseudo celebrity on the death throes of their popularity.

The first was 24 and I was We had a lot in common and really got along great. He modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch. He was a beautiful person inside and out. Some people thought that the only reason we were together was because I was a sugar daddy. I actually was unemployed at the time.

Until dawn nude scene company I worked for outsourced my job to India. I was far from Nude pagan women a sugar daddy. He supported himself just fine. The second relationship I was 46 and he was We dated for 18 months and it was wonderful.

We had great times together bowling, movies, eating out, concerts etc. Again the sugar daddy thing came up and it pissed me off.

I had gone back to school and was living paycheck to paycheck. Of course I bought him small gifts for his birthday, Christmas etc and he bought me small gifts too. Just like you Girls getting naked for boys in any relationship. How does it affect their life in the least? Truth is its none of their business. Mostly when the older guy is obsessed with the very young. That shows some very deep seated mental problems.

Why would you care if someone else has a problem with this issue? I Has anyone on naked and afraid had sex let people have their opinions and Rick springfield naked them. My lifetime partner of 55 years, married 13 years, is 10 years older than I and looks my age. Being in a loving relationship with another is a good thing as love is love.

Those who troll us are unhappy monsters! No one bats an eye at 10 years. Weekly payments. Search for:.

Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of life aaronrhodes austinrhodes stories and more. Featured on Queerty TV. Donston The majority of these social media gays date older or date men who look exactly like them. ChrisK He could date his dog as far as I care. Kieran But here you are commenting on an article about him. Truth-is-Truthy This is an issue which pisses me off as well. Heywood Jablowme um, well… When I was 21 I definitely would have thought 29 was probably Embarrassed naked stripped old to date.

ChrisK Yep. Josh No age Gom kogaru nude read article. Charlie in Charge I am always just so thrilled they are letting us know which issues they are too enlightened to care about. Just saying. He BGB Older? Mack In Naked guys for women case I must be dead and buried.

The rhodes bros

ChrisK I was thinking that too. The first IG photo you posted is from Kieran dean Well said. Problem solved. ChrisK No one bats an eye at 10 years. BriBri Queerty, the troll cave for bitter Cathy shim naked that hate everything and everyone but themselves. Latest on Queerty.