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Red Dead Redemption Naked guys are fun launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month, and despite its absence from PC - for now - a PS4 user has brought the gift to end all gifts to the thirsty masses: a nude mod.

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By the time players complete their adventure in Red Dead Redemption 2 they should have seen plenty of lead protagonist Arthur Morgan.

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Fleeing justice tires, tears your feet and leaves you exhausted. That is what Naked under overalls Morgan and his bandit band know a lot, the protagonists of Red Dead Redemption 2, a title that after going through the consoles has debuted on PC. After so much adventures, it seems that the outlaws have decided to take everything away and stay in leather and with a gun not going to be an enemy coming.

Thanks to the community of modders, we can tour the Wild West naked or with the face of the Joker.

This is the Lenny's Simple Trainer mod, which allows, in essence, to change Arthur Morgan for any human Naked guys cuddling of the game.

This includes a certain character Hot girl driving naked be careful, because some may consider him gutting who has trouble getting to the bathroom on time.

It appears with the pants half down, and although in the original sequence you can not see its pudendas parts, Rockstar Games has modeled them. He is not the only character that appears naked.

There is a woman who is also as God brought her into the world. In addition, notes PC Gamer, there is a random event that occurs during a full moon night in which a completely naked man attacks Arthur Morgan. Not only does justice go after him, but also the most extravagant Lauren silverman naked of the place.

Capture: Eurogamer. Surely, leaving clothes behind is not the best idea to survive in the Wild West, let alone in the times.

Although the gunmen had a carte blanche in the past, in the twentieth century the authorities persecuted criminals mercilessly. Red Dead Redemption Milou suicide nude came out on PC not without the odd problem. Rockstar Games has been forced to update the game to avoid launcher errors, which caused unexpected closures.

However, the study recently published a new update that aims to end the error. Players can tour the Wild West in leathers, but also Kate gosslin naked for any character in the title.